Alto Mesh Chair - Black

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Alto Mesh Chair - Black

Introducing our Alto Ergonomic Office Chair, designed with your comfort and support in mind. Featuring a breathable mesh high back, this chair provides optimal airflow to keep you cool throughout the day. The adjustable arms allow you to customize your armrest height for maximum comfort. The torsion control and seat slide ensure proper posture and reduced back strain. The synchro chair mechanism allows for smooth movement and recline, providing a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. Upgrade your office seating with the Alto Ergonomic Office Chair and feel the difference it makes in your workday.

  • The breathable mesh back office chair provides comfort and support while allowing air to circulate, reducing heat and moisture buildup. This promotes better posture, reduces fatigue, and improves overall productivity.
  • Height adjustable arms for office chairs provide customizable support for your arms and shoulders, reducing strain and discomfort. They also promote good posture and can help prevent long-term injuries.
  • An office chair with torsion control provides better support and comfort for the user, reducing the risk of back pain and discomfort. It also allows for smoother and more controlled movements, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Seat slide allows for adjustable seat depth, providing better support for different leg lengths and reducing pressure on the thighs. This can improve posture, reduce discomfort and prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
  • The Synchro chair mechanism allows for synchronized movement between the seat and backrest, promoting better posture and reducing pressure on the lower back. It also provides customizable adjustments for individual comfort and support.



Product Name

Alto Mesh Chair Black


Assembly Instructions

Product Images

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Base/Frame Material



BSEN 15373:2,BS 4875-1:4,BS EN 1335-1:2000,BS EN ISO 9241-410:2008

Fire Ret Level


Component Guarantee

5.0 years

Upholstery Guarantee

2.0 years

Usage Recommended

8.0 hrs/day

Weight Tolerance

115.0 kg

Product Width

700.0 mm

Product Depth

700.0 mm

Product Height

1120.0 - 1250.0 mm

Chair Seat Height

470.0 - 565.0 mm

Chair Seat Width

520.0 mm

Chair Seat Depth

490.0 mm

Chair Back Height

570.0 mm

Chair Back Width

480.0 mm

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