Why buy our Looks-Like-Real plants?

Our Looks-Like-Real replica plants and flowers are low maintenance, long lasting and a hassle free way to bring the outdoors into your office space.

Our range is suitable for use in the shade or high heat areas where living plants are not appropriate, and they can brighten up any space. They are guaranteed* for two years against workmanship, the range is resilient and long lasting, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Unlike many plants on the market, our range is ready to display straight from the box in a wide selection of styles and types. No construction or finishing is required. They are also simple to keep clean and look after.

Below are some of the main benefits of buying replica plants from NWOF:


Our Production Team choose only the highest quality and realistic foliage and stems. 

Continuous Construction 

Featuring fully bonded components from base to tip, our plants do away with the unreliable joints many competitor ranges feature.  

Weighted Bases For Stability 

Pick up one of our plants and you may be surprised at the feeling of weight and quality. The weighted bottoms make the plants stable and durable in any environment. 

Bonded Pebbles 

Your plant will arrive with the dressing permanently bonded, meaning no accidental spills to clean up! 

Strong & Resilient 

Combining carefully selected components, continuous construction and a high degree of craftsmanship, our plants are resilient, strong and reliable – perfect for high traffic areas. 

Quick & Simple To Clean 

Simply brush off the leaves with any small clean brush and use a handheld vacuum for the dressing of the base. Our plants are amongst the easiest available to care for. 

Durable, Long-Lasting Planters 

Our planters are chosen for their durability, resilience, strength and also their aesthetic qualities. We have a solution for any space. 

Ready To Go Out Of The Box 

Open the box, remove the packaging and your new plant is ready to display – no need to assemble components or even dress the plant. 

Free Delivery Service 

When you need to rely on a delivery, you can rely on us. Our delivery service is reliable, safe and, best of all, free of charge (*UK mainland only).  

Looks-Like-Real Promise 

All of our plants come with our Looks-Like-Real guarantee. In the unlikely event of any replica plant deteriorating within two years due to faulty workmanship, we will replace it for free. 

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