Piano Keys Acoustic Screens

Introducing the Piano Keys Acoustic Screen

The Piano Keys Screen is a breakthrough alternative to traditional floor screens that is changing everything - from the minds of office planners to the hearts of designers. The free-standing screen is made up of three individual acoustic blinds which stand on a sturdy base plate. The fabric covered acoustic panels rotate fully 360 degrees to provide complete privacy and visual protection when they are closed, or open the space up at any given time.

  • Determine the level of privacy required quickly and easily
  • Excellent acoustic and sound absorption properties
  • Free-standing office screen with three rotating panels
  • Fully upholstered panels in a range of acoustic fabrics
  • Lightweight, simple to install and easy to manoeuvre
  • Screen can be positioned in a row or at angles for different directions
  • Product code: PKS003
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Piano Keys - NWOF

Piano Keys - NWOF

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